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Making care better with you

Talk to us 0330 355 1285 enquiries@healthwatchcambridgeshire.co.uk


How to sort out a problem or make a complaint

Sorting out a problem

On this page we have gathered information to help you sort out any problems with the local health or social care services that you or someone you care for receive.

How you do this and who you contact will depend on whether you need to sort out a problem with health care or social care services. It will also depend on whether the care is paid for from public money or if you are self-funded.

If you have a problem that is about both health and social care together, get in touch with the organisation you think is most involved in the problem. They should work with the other organisations to help you sort this out. 

I need to sort out a problem with health care 

I need to sort out a problem with adult or children's social care

Please call us on 0330 355 1285 and speak to Julie McNeill, our Information Manager, if you can not find the information you want.

I am worried that someone is at risk of harm

If you think someone is at risk of harm or abuse then call 999 and speak to the Police or contact Cambridgeshire County Council's Safeguarding team.

I am worried about an Adult         I am worried about a Child (aged 0-17)

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Help to raise a concern or make a complaint

Healthwatch England has worked with Citizens Advice to produce a series of guides to help you make a complaint or raise a concern. You can find out more about what's involved in making a complaint about a particular service and see what your next steps might be.  

There are tips and tools such as letter templates and other practical resources to support you to make an effective complaint.

Click here to find these guides

Total Voice logoAdvocacy - Total Voice

If you need more help and support to make a complaint then an advocate could help. Advocacy is about supporting you to be heard, helping you to understand your rights, choices and options, and assisting you to make your own decisions to help you make positive changes in your life. 

Find out more  

Please get in touch with us on 0330 355 1285 or email us at enquiries@healthwatchcambridgeshire.co.uk, if you can not find the information you need.



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