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Making care better with you

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Help the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Adults' Board keep people safe

Your local safeguarding adults' board works to keep people safe – can you help them to do this?

Having feedback from people who have or could experience safeguarding, and their carers, helps the board understand what is important to local people. 

If you, or a group you work with, would like to help add to the voice of local people, there are several ways of doing this:

By the Community Safeguarding Network of people who review and present the feedback at meetings

  1. By agreeing to give the Board your opinions by email or electronic survey 
  2. By passing on:
    • Requests for comments or opinions to your group  
    • Invitations to your group to attend a meeting to discuss a specific idea or topic

If you can help in any way, please contact safeguardingboards@cambridgeshire.gov.uk. If you are responding on behalf of a group, please include some information about what you do and how you can help.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Adults boards (SAB) have joined together.

A SAB is a statutory Board created to monitor and enhance the experience of people who need safeguarding.  It carries out its work by:

  1. assuring itself that local safeguarding arrangements are in place
  2. assuring itself that safeguarding practice is person-centred and outcome-focused
  3. working collaboratively to prevent abuse and neglect where possible
  4. ensuring agencies and individuals give timely and proportionate responses when abuse or neglect have occurred
  5. assuring itself that safeguarding practice is continuously improving and enhancing the quality of life of adults in its area

The SAB has an independent Chair, Dr Russell Wate, and a Business Unit to ensure that the work of partner agencies is open to scrutiny as well as to support the development of more effective safeguarding.

It is critical that the voices of local people are not only heard but are influential in this work.

If you would like any more information please contact safeguardingboards@cambridgeshire.gov.uk  

Tel. 01480 373552

or look online at www.safeguardingcambspeterborough.org.uk.