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Making care better with you

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Local Healthwatch Regional Conference March 2017

The role of local Healthwatch in changing health and care for the better is as important as ever. In an increasingly challenged health and care system, it isn't an easy job. That is why it is important for our local Healthwatch network to work closely together.

Together with four of our other county Healthwatch, we organised a Regional Conference to let our staff learn from each other to help our network develop and be more effective. 56 Healthwatch staff from 11 Healthwatch attended the conference to talk about our work, the challenges we face and how we can learn from each other to better respond to these challenges.

We are a diverse network and know that these challenges are different for different areas, particularly for those Healthwatch in smaller Unitary Council areas, but we all have very much in common; the opportunities to share and support each other are significant. The conference was a way to get some off this sharing up and running.

The Healthwatch present took the opportunity to share their promotional materials and supplied a summary of their business priorities and staffing structures and contact details. We are now much better informed about how to contact at a neighbouring Healthwatch about various issues.

Whilst we were there, many of the staff shared their hopes and experiences in the back of Healthwatch Essex's Chatty Cab. See them here.

We worked with on this project with Healthwatch Suffolk, Healthwatch Essex, Healthwatch Norfolk and Healthwatch Hertfordshire. As a result of this work, we were 'Highly Commended' at the Helathwatch Network Awards 2017. Here is a picture of Sandie, our Chief Executive, collecting our commendation with the other Healthwatch involved. 

Image shows: four people holding awards, standing

Image shows ; healthwatch network award



Healthwatch Eastern Regional Conference summary

Healthwatch Eastern Regional Conference report.

Feedback on care it starts with you

Pair of outstretched hands painted with words - saying Just Me

Image shows: healthwatch network awards commended 2017 badge