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Making care better with you

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Meet Nick


Photos of Nick'When I retired, I looked around to see what could I do to give a little bit to the community. My job had involved me working with people of all different nationalities in all different countries. I realised I really like people and listening to people is one of my strengths.

I found it very easy to ask people to tell me their experiences, good, bad or indifferent. And this is patients of all ages, young, old, middle aged, to give us an overall picture of how you feel the services are provided and whether you feel that you are satisfied and well cared for and well looked after.  I tell them that nobody is going to chase them up afterwards, there's nobody going to contact them.  All we need is to get their impressions of the service provided, so that we have an overall picture.

What I like about Healthwatch is that they do identify certain priorities and areas of concern and these areas of concern mirror watching the East Anglia news. It is quite reassuring for me to see the staff of Healthwatch talking about these problems which people have given to me.

Cambridgeshire is one of the most challenging geographical areas in the country. People assume because Cambridge City is full of bright academics, etc. it’s a wealthy county with no problems. In fact it has three areas of quite serious deprivation, one with very serious social deprivation and the difference between health provision between Cambridge city and the difficulties of providing good healthcare out in Fenland, Wisbech and places like that, really its enormous.'

Nick, Outreach Volunteer since 2014