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Healthwatch welcomes early publication of local Sustainability and Transformation Plan


Our Healthwatch welcomes today’s early publication of the local Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) by Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). This publication is very timely, as we know that people have been worried about what the plans might mean for changes to local services.

Our Chief Executive, Sandie Smith, said “People tell us they recognise that NHS and care services are under huge pressure and they want to do their bit to help things change for the better.”

“There have already been lots of conversations locally about what the STP might mean for services like urgent and emergency care, and keeping local hospitals. We’ve seen that these conversations have already helped to influence the STP and changes have been made, for example, to the proposals for urgent care services in the Fens and East of the county.”

Our Healthwatch has worked hard to make sure that the CCG knew which local organisations and community groups to approach, to help develop different areas of the plan.

We have had concerns that there wasn’t always enough done to get patient and carer representatives consistently involved with the development of this more detailed plan.  Whilst there was good involvement on some workstreams with representatives telling us they felt they had influenced services, others didn’t always have such a positive experience.

For example, we needed to do additional work to make sure people interested in improving maternity services could get involved. We did feed these comments back to the CCG, who have promised to do more to improve the involvement of patient and carer representatives.

Over the coming months, the CCG will be helping to organise wider conversations with local people about prevention and use of NHS resources, and consultations about specific areas of significant change.

Our Chair, Val Moore, said “We want to make sure local people are involved in how the plan is developed and achieved. It is vital people have the chance to directly discuss and shape proposals.”

Our Healthwatch will continue to be a critical friend and ensure local people have their say in how their services are run in the future.

  • We will scrutinise any consultation process to make sure it is meaningful, accessible and reaches a wide range of people. 
  • We will encourage people to be involved in feeding back on and developing the STP by helping to promote any opportunities to do this. 
  • If and where services change, we will check to make sure that these reflect what local people have said is important to them.

The aim of the STP, developed by all local NHS organisations and local government officers, is to provide the solutions to the county’s challenges to provide the best possible care and to take joint responsibility for improving their health and wellbeing.

The plan for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough covers hospital services, community healthcare, mental health, social care and GP services, and builds on the interim summary published in July. Find out more here www.fitforfuture.org.uk.

You can read the detailed plans here: http://www.fitforfuture.org.uk/what-were-doing/publications/