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Local hospitals in talks about joint working


Hinchingbrooke HopsitalYesterday we learnt that Hinchingbrooke Hospital and Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals (PSHFT), are talking about working together more, to help save cash.

This includes a review of "organisational form", which may mean that Hinchingbrooke becomes part of PSHFT. Technically this would be an “acquisition”, as Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals is a Foundation Trust.  

We understand there is not a legal requirement for the trusts to consult on any changes to the organisational structure. However, we know that local people will be concerned that any changes will affect the services they use.

We will be asking the trusts to make sure that local people are involved in any significant decisions about the future of these hospitals. We will also ask them to explain the business case for any changes.

Alan Burns, Chair of Hinchingbrooke said "we are looking at making the best use of money without a diminution of services."

Mr Burns said the trusts plan to write their outline business case on the hospitals' future by April.

The two trusts released their joint statement yesterday. In it they said they would be talking about:

  • what savings could be achieved by working more collaboratively, particularly on 'back office' services.
  • How they could work together to develop a clinical strategy and improve outcomes for patients.
  • Potential organisational form.


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