Autism workshop Cambridgeshire - picture of autistic man
February 2021

Workshop for autistic adults and their family carers

Our meetings
Online via Zoom
Thursday 11th February, 2021 - 10:30 to 12:30

About this event

Tell us your story and help make new services for adults with autism.

We want autistic adults and their carers to have good support in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

So please tell us about the help you need and what’s important to you.

This can be about learning or finding work, living independently, staying healthy, going out, meeting people, having fun and doing the things you enjoy.

Your ideas will help other people get support too.

Who can get involved?

This workshop is for autistic people aged 18+ and their family carers.

About this project

We will listen to your stories and ideas. And then we will share what you tell us with the people planning the new autism services for adults.

This will help them understand the kind of help you need.

Do you need help from someone to tell your story?

If you need a friend, carer or support worker to help you or speak for you at the meeting, that’s no problem. They can join the meeting too or help you if you prefer to talk on the phone. 

Contact details

How to take part

Call or text: 07368 163434


We will send you a link and joining instructions when you get in touch.

Let us know by Sunday 7 February 2021



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