Stewart Francis - Healthwatch Chair
March 2022

Healthwatch Board meeting in public

Our meetings
Online via Zoom
Wednesday 23rd March, 2022 - 16:00 to 18:00

About this event

Our Board meets in public four times a year. These meetings are an opportunity for you to find out about the work we are doing, share your experiences of health or social care services and get involved.

If you have any questions for our Board, you can ask them at this meeting. If you want an answer on the day, please send us your questions five working days in advance. 

We publish papers on the website one week in advance. 

Accessible meetings

Please let us know if you need any extra help to access our meetings. 

Contact details

Please get in touch if you want to join the Board meeting.

0330 355 1285

0752 0635 176