Mental health and parenthood

New mums and dads in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have contributed their personal stories to a new Healthwatch England report 'Mental health and the journey to parenthood'.
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The report - published this week – explores the experiences of women with mental health problems in pregnancy and during and after birth.

Around one in four women have mental health problems in pregnancy and in the first two years after birth. And more more opportunities are needed for new parents and health professionals to talk about mental health during the parenthood journey.

"We're really pleased to see this report it because a lot of maternity services users in our region have contributed to it and had a say," said Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CEO Sandie Smith.

"We recognise some of the issues raised as common to our local area, so we have shared the report with local health commissioners and providers as well as maternity voices partners so that we can make the most from the learning."

The report focuses on a survey of 1,738 women and draws on national research as well as work undertaken by eight local Healthwatch around the UK.

Many women said that mental ill health was triggered by a combination of issues including:

  • severe sickness in pregnancy
  • traumatic births
  • physical illness
  • history of mental health problems.

Download and read the full report below

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Mental Health and Maternity Report

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