Supporting people with learning disabilities during lockdown

Debbie - our Partnership Support Officer - shares her experience of caring for two people with learning disabilities during lockdown. And explains what she's put in place to support them.
Debbie shares her experiences as a carer for two adults with learning disabiities

It's week two of lockdown and Debbie has had to make changes to their care arrangements. As well as think of ways to help the two manage their time.

She has been: 

  • Talking to them about coronavirus in an easy to understand way  - using resources from organisations like Mencap.
  • Printing off worksheets, word searches and arranging treasure hunts to help keep them occupied.
  • Making  sure they can join some of their usual groups online using zoom instead of meeting face to face. 
My daughter finds it very difficult - the time span - she can't get her head around 12 weeks. She asks me every week, "How much longer is it going on for?"

Debbie has stood down her carers to protect their health. But it means she has had to think long and hard about how to support the young people.  

Staff are making phone calls. One carer is still doing the regular shop. And Debbie or her husband are visiting on alternate days to make sure the pair are OK.

But she is worried about what will happen if any of them become ill and at the moment - isn't sure what the answer to that will be. 

Keeping them at home for the next 12 weeks is going to be a problem. And I'm not sure what will happen if any of us become ill, myself, my husband or either of them.

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