Wanted: health services closer to home

Poor travel and transport connections in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are affecting people's access to effective healthcare, according to our new report published last month.
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We asked people across the region how they would spend extra money for the NHS to improve services - and over 800 gave their views which were published last week in the new What would you do? report.

Many people want health services closer to home. Although happy to travel for up to an hour for diagnosis or initial consultation, even two for specialist support, people with long-term conditions often rely on public transport.

One ME patient told of an "exhausting" drive to Addenbrooke's pain clinic. They told us:

"The drive, which at times takes two hours, brings on my pains."

Another person had to take three buses to get to a hospital appointment just get his weight and blood pressure checked in order to get a prescription for chemotherapy drugs.

His wife said:

"He has his blood checked at our local hospital and when asked if he could be referred there, he was refused. I have now managed to get him hospital transport, I'm not allowed to travel with him. So I still have to take three buses to get to the hospital before he does in case he needs to dress/undress as he cannot do this by himself."

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