First findings published from our Covid-19 survey

Communications with patients and service users must be a priority as health and care services restart following the peak of the pandemic.
Healthwatch CEO Sandie thanks people for responding

The first findings from our Covid-19 survey into local people's experiences of health, care and support during the pandemic are published today.

There is overwhelming support for health and care professionals and other keyworkers across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

However, people have also expressed concerns about cancelled services and procedures during Covid-19 – and are worried about how these delays will affect their illness and prognosis.

And they show that people want better communication to let them know what is happening with their care.

The survey is still running and a full report will be published in the early autumn.

But the first 500-plus responses have been analysed and provide a snapshot of how people have managed their health and care in these difficult times.

Initial findings show a mixed picture, including:

  • A third of people put off seeking help for their health – for minor problems and potentially serious conditions
  • Three out of four people said their mental health or wellbeing had been affected in some way.   
  • Most people who had used health services had had a good or excellent experience. 
  • Others expressed concern about services suddenly stopping and poor communication about changes.

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It’s clear that local people really value and have huge gratitude for the people that have helped them during the pandemic.  But it’s also very clear that there is quite a lot of anxiety and worry about their treatment and appointments.  So as the system starts to put itself back together again, we are asking that communications with patients is at the top of the priority list and that the information is clear and people know exactly what to expect.
— Sandie Smith, CEO Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

What will happen to the findings?

Survey data will go back to local service providers and planners to help them to continue to deliver good quality care across our area.                  

It will also be shared with Healthwatch England to help inform the national response to the pandemic.

It’s not too late to give your views!

Our survey is still running.

So please tell us about your health, care and community support experiences during the pandemic and help local NHS and care services continue to deliver good care for everyone.

It takes ten minutes to do the survey online 

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Or call us on 0330 355 1285 if you would prefer a paper copy or would like to do the survey by phone. 

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