Keeping people independent in their community for longer

Grace Clark, a service manager at Cambridgeshire County Council, tells us about technology enabled care and services that help people stay healthy in their community for longer, in this workshop at our 'On Equal Terms' conference.
Grace Clark talking about keeping people independent at our 'On Equal Terms' conference

Grace talked about how the council can support people to live independently in their community, for longer.

One of the services it offers is technology-based care – including devices, gadgets and sensors – offering practical day-to-day help and reassurance.

So, really what we're trying to do is support people to remain as independent as possible and in their communities.
— Grace Clark, Cambridgeshire County Council

The products and services available

Products on offer range from calendar clocks and automatic pill dispensers to activity and motion sensors which can help those with epilepsy and people who are prone to falls.

They have also loaned robotic pets – including a cat that meows and purrs. The pets give comfort and company to people who are anxious, have dementia or are worried about being on their own.

Grace explained, 

"We know people have better outcomes when they're independent and when they're supported by the community. We all know our lives are better when we have our friends, our family, and neighbours around us, so we want to try and support people to do that."

The council also provides a lifeline service providing 24-hours call centre support at a touch of a button on a pendant, watch or phone. It can contact family, neighbours or ambulance or the council’s own enhanced response team. The service can be trialled free for six weeks.

Tell us about your experience

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Sharing your experiences helps health and care services understand what is working well and where care could be better. 

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Find out more

The services Grace describes in this workshop are currently up to date but may change in the future. There are some differences in how these services are provided between Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, but technology enabled care support is available in both areas. 

For the latest services and detailed advice on what could support you at home, contact the council on 0345 045 5200 for a Technology Enabled Care Assessment. 

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