First of our care home food and drink reports published

Our volunteers stepped up to the plate when they dined with the residents at Rheola Care Centre in St Ives on a planned visit to the home.
Rheola care home - outside view

Residents told us they were given a choice of meals for breakfast, lunch and tea, and they could ask for drinks and snacks at any time.

The menu runs four-weekly and is designed with pictures and words. This helps residents with speech or language difficulties or memory problems understand the options available. Residents can vary the times of their meals and where they take them.

Our volunteer visitors saw staff being responsive to the needs of residents, chatting with them and giving help where it was needed.

We are pleased with how the report reads and we found your visit very useful, it’s always good to have others look at a service to gain new ideas.
— Elizabeth Edgar, Manager

Report updated on 10 July to clarify the home's 'Resident of the Day' scheme after feedback from a member of the public. 


Rheola Care Centre report

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