Whittlesey care home visit report published

Our volunteers visited Keneydon House in Whittlesey as part of our care home food project to find our about the residents' experiences of food and drink in the home.
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This home specialises in dementia care for older people. Fourteen of the residents are in the late stages of dementia. During our visit, the team chatted with three residents, four members of staff, the Manager and a regular visitor at Keneydon House on 18 July 2017.

Residents told us they were given a choice of meals for breakfast, lunch and tea, and they could ask for drinks and snacks at any time. They told us they could also vary the times of their meals and where they take them.

We observed staff being caring and responsive to the needs of the residents, chatting and helping in a supportive and courteous manner. Food and drink options were explained to the residents and they were asked what they would like.

After our visit, we made the following suggestions to improve care in the home: 

  • Introducing a picture menu to encourage residents to get involved in making daily choices.
  • Having a member of staff in the dining room with the residents to encourage eating and socialising.
  • Using plate covers to protect and keep food warm in transit, especially as staff were often waylaid.

As a result of this visit, the home has started using plate covers to keep the food warm. They have also started a folder with pictures of the meals for residents.


Keneydon House report

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