Healthwatch Board meeting in public - Weds 14 November 2018

At this meeting the Board will get an update on the progress made by local providers regarding the NHS Accessible Information Standard.
Graphic showing three reports

Our Accessible Information as Standard report, published last year, showed that local health and care services were not always giving people with sensory and learning disabilities information in a format they could understand.

We made a number of recommendations as part of the report and have been asking health and care organisations what they are doing to make access to information fair.

Read the report here

Our Accessible Information as Standard report was published in November 2017.

Read the report

Our Board meets every two monthly in public. These meetings are another opportunity for you to find out about the work we are doing, share your experiences of health or social care services and get involved.  

If you have any questions for our Board, you can ask them at this meeting. Please let us know your questions by the end of Monday 12 November if you want an answer on the day. If we can not answer your question at this meeting, we will make sure we get an answer for you afterwards.

We may take photos or film parts of our public meetings. Please tell us if you do not want to be photographed or filmed.

Visitors to our meetings are welcome to take their own photos or recordings and share them online. However, we ask that you do not film or photograph members of the public.


03 Minutes of the last meeting on 19 September 2018
04 Action log
05 Appointment of a Vice Chair
06 Chair's report
07 CEO's report
08 Update on the Accessible Information Standard reportr
09 General Purposes Group report
09.1 Bad weather policy
09.2 Conflicts of interests policy
10 Finance report

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