Is it OK to redirect people from A&E if they don't need emergency care?

The number of people using urgent and emergency care services is increasing. And people are often arriving at A&E when they don't need to be there.
Commuity Values Panellist

The local NHS wants to be able to re-direct people to other services as this should give people the care they need. And cost the NHS less money. 

But is this acceptable to local people? And how will the most vulnerable be protected? 

Urgent and emergency care

The second Community Values Panel helped Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group - who plan and pay for most local NHS services - think about urgent and emergency care services. 

The panellists heard from experts who told them about the different services available to help people who were ill but didn’t need emergency treatment. And how much it cost to provide the different NHS services to the increasing numbers of people using them.

What was important to the panellists

The panellists wanted those most in need in A&E to be seen first.

And all of them thought that it was OK to redirect people to other services if they turned up at A&E but did not need emergency services.

“People need better information and signposting”
— One of the panellists

But there was a lack of knowledge about what services are available and where they are.  They wanted better information for people about the options available so they could be seen by the best service for their needs. 

Community Values Panel

The Community Values Panel is a diverse and representative mix of 30 members of the public from across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. 

They came together to give their views on local healthcare funding. And help our local NHS think about how it could reduce its £75 million overspend. 

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Community Values Panel second report

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