An update vlog from Natalie and Sean

Look who’s back! We’ve got an August update from our favourite lockdown vloggers Natalie and Sean and of course Healthwatch staff member and carer Debbie.
Lockdown living - August update from Natalie and Sean

Earlier this year, Healthwatch staff member Debbie created a series of vlogs about supporting two young adults with learning disabilities during lockdown.

"We had a great reaction to the videos and so we thought you might like an update about what's been happening since our last vlog in June," said Debbie, our Partnership Support Officer.

"We’re really happy to report that everyone is well and keeping busy."

Natalie’s carers are now back full time and Sean’s volunteering work at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon has started again.

And finally they can get back to the shopping they enjoy and even a trip to the zoo and to the cinema which is one of their favourite things to do.

They’re still no closer to getting an internet provider or getting their gas meter working … but outside, their garden is blooming. 

Garden delights

The beans we saw them plant in April have grown and been eaten and now there’s a big crop of tomatoes to enjoy. 

Sean and Natalie have also added a bug house, heart-shaped solar lights and a beautiful windspinner which was a birthday present from Natalie's grandmother.

Staying healthy

Health-wise, they have stayed mostly well through the lockdown - although Sean had a coronavirus test as he had some symptoms he wanted to get checked out. 

Happily, he got the all clear but he says it was an interesting experience going to the drive-in testing site at Peterborough.

Meanwhile, Natalie had a visit to A & E after hurting her foot. She's also been able to get her cervical screening test rescheduled after it had to be cancelled because of the pandemic.

It was all a bit strange having to go to see the nurse and wear gloves and a face mask but she’s happy to have been able to get it done because she know it's a really important appointment.

Best news of all ...

There are two tiny new additions in the house: gerbils Kylie and Victoria!

The couple's last pair sadly died before lockdown and they have been waiting months to replace their beloved pets.

They're absolutely thrilled to welcome the new girls who are named after Victoria from the musical Cats (Natalie's a huge fan) and, who else, but pop princess Miss Minogue, Sean's favourite singer.

We've taken the Healthwatch Covid-19 survey - have you?

Sean and Natalie have shared all their health and care experiences in our Covid-19 survey.  And they also made a call out to everyone watching to please share yours too.

Our survey closed on 31 August but you can still give your feedback.

We share what you tell us with the people plannign the local and national response to the pandemic to help them protect people. 

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